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City of Sleepy Eye, MN
A City Rich in Tradition and History!

Public Utilities Commission

Utility Type Utility Name Utility Phone Contact Contact Phone
Electricity  Brown County Rural Elec. Assn   (507) 794-3331    (507) 794-3331 
Electricity  Sleepy Eye Public Util. Comm   (507) 794-4371  Bob Elston (507) 794-4371 
Natural Gas  Minnegasco   (507) 625-5611  Mark Novac  (507) 387-1930 
Water  Sleepy Eye Public Util. Comm   (507) 794-4371  Bob Elston (507) 794-4371 
Water Information
Water Source: Wells
Storage Capacity: 600,000 gal.
Pumping Capacity: 1,300 gal./minute
Average Demand: 462,050 gal./day
Peak Demand: 1,080,000 gal./day
Total Water Hardness: 513 ppm
Industrial Water Rate: Base chg. $3-35 depending on meter size; $1.41/CF
Wastewater Information
Treatment Type: Stabilization Pond System
Capacity of Plant: 700,000 gal./day
Average Demand: 430,000 gal./day
Peak Demand: 2,890,000 gal./day
Usage Charge: Base chg. $7.87; $.54/100CF of metered water

Telephone Information
Local Telephone Company: Sleepy Eye Telephone Co
Telephone Number: (507) 794-3361
Contact: Robert Weiss
Telephone Number: (507) 794-3361
Digital Central Switch: Yes
Equal Access Market: Yes
Extended Area Service: Yes
Custom Calling Feautures: Yes
Customized Local Area Services: Yes
Current Technologies: DSL, T1, Fiber Optics
Internet Service Local Public Internet Access Site: Yes Multiple Internet Service Providers: Yes Speed of Service: 56K - 2MB DTED Certification as E-Commerce Ready: No

200 Main Street East, Sleepy Eye, MN 56085 (507)-794-3731