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City of Sleepy Eye, MN
A City Rich in Tradition and History!

Public Utilities Commission
Energy Star Rebate Program
Attached Document or File Energy Star Rebates Information  Energy Star Rebates Information
Water Plant Completed Interior Pictures

Public Utilities Commission


Utility TypeUtility NameUtility PhoneContactContact Phone
Electricity Sleepy Eye Public Util. Comm  (507) 794-4371 

Bob Elston

(507) 794-4371 
Natural Gas Center Point  (800) 245-2377Mark Novac (507) 387-1930 
Water Sleepy Eye Public Util. Comm  (507) 794-4371 Bob Elston(507) 794-4371 
Water Information
Water Source:Wells
Storage Capacity:600,000 gal.
Pumping Capacity:1,300 gal./minute
Average Demand:375,000 gal./day
Peak Demand:1,080,000 gal./day
Total Water Hardness:

550 ppm              33 grains/gal

Industrial Water Rate:Base chg. $8-60 depending on meter size;         $3-4/per 100CF
Wastewater Information
Treatment Type:Stabilization Pond System
Capacity of Plant:700,000 gal./day
Average Demand:430,000 gal./day
Peak Demand:2,890,000 gal./day
Usage Charge:Base chg. $12.44; $1.02/100CF of metered water


Telephone Information
Local Telephone Company:New Ulm Telecom
Telephone Number:(507) 794-3361
Contact:Jeff Seidl
Telephone Number:(507) 794-3361
Digital Central Switch:Yes
Equal Access Market:Yes
Extended Area Service:Yes
Custom Calling Feautures:Yes
Customized Local Area Services:Yes
Current Technologies:DSL, T1, Fiber Optics
Internet ServiceLocal Public Internet Access Site:YesMultiple Internet Service Providers:YesSpeed of Service:56K - 5MBDTED Certification as E-Commerce Ready:





TV, Internet, Telephone Provider - website:   1-866-609-6180  


DIRECTV Dealer powered by DirectStarTV

 TV, phone, and internet provider - The website and phone number:   1-877-423-3403


Water Plant Construction Pictures

200 Main Street East, Sleepy Eye, MN 56085 (507)-794-3731